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Welcome to BioPher

BioPher (Pty) Ltd was established in 2008 to market and distribute AnnGro®, a product based on the Pheroid® Platform Technology (patented by the North West University), which has the ability to improve the uptake of inorganic fertilizer by plants.  In 2013 an agreement was signed with the Technology Innovation Agency, an agency of the Department of Science & Technology in South Africa, to develop a bio-nano-transporter system for improving the efficacy of pesticides in agriculture.  BioPher also developed unique liquid fertilizer products and coating agents.

Our AnnGro®

AnnGro® is a unique plant- and environmentally-friendly product that enhances the uptake of certain agricultural products e.g. fertilizer. AnnGro® consists of transport / carrier vesicles that first pack the chemical it is combined with and then enhances the uptake thereof by the plant.  It also facilitates the distribution within the plant itself.  The packed molecules are released intracellularly when the AnnGro® vesicles are metabolized.


friendly product


Novel patented
carrier molecule


An adjuvant/penetrant formulant that enhances the uptake and translocation of plant nutrients

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